Project management and cordination

Work Package 1


M1 - M36

WP Leader



WP1 deals with the management of the HGRA project and great emphasis has been placed on ensuring optimal organisation, management and decision-making structure of the project. Therefore it is linked to all the specific objectives of the project.o

The major objectives for WP1 are:

  • To lead the project to successful completion through good co-ordination of the partners’ activities; 
  • Effective legal, contractual, financial and administrative management of the project;
  • Assuring high quality of the project work and project’s results;
  • To monitor the progress of the project, to guide and direct the partners, and to lead them towards accomplishment of the goals and towards success of the project;
  • To advise and help the partners in performing their project work;
  • To regularly report project activities, especially to the EACEA;
  • To establish and maintain effective communication between project partners, work package leaders  and other project participants;
  • To develop and implement the Monitoring, Evaluation and Quality plan;
  • To organise project management meetings;
  • To perform administration, financial management and accounting of the project;
  • To evaluate and assess project results, both intermediate and final results.
  • To implement the Project website


Task 1.1: Management of the PM structure.
Task 1.2: Operational Project Management
Task 1.3: Legal, contractual, financial and administrative management of the project
Task 1.4: Monitoring. Evaluation and Quality control
Task 1.5: Implementation of the project Website