Gulf of Sidra University


About our organization

Gulf of Sidra University (GSU) established in 2017. The university is expected to have a great role in the region of Sidra Gulf which considered the land of Libyan oil. GSU consists of seven academic faculties which include humanities, applied and medical sciences. GSU is committed to activities targeting the transfer of scientific, technical and creative knowledge to society and the improvement of society and a sustainable environment.

GSU as is an active member in some of the international Unions, and involved in many international cooperation programmes. It also engaged in several international agreements (MOU) with different organizations from all over the world.


Why we are participating in the project

Academic studies in the higher institutions are one of the most prominent methods to help understanding an issue, , it’s crucial that these institutions be in alliance with the government in the area, having both efforts combined help achieve their goals smoothly and without complications. Such compatible endeavours help the researchers build a thorough view of the history of migration flows. 

We hope to have an effective role in offering solutions and then working on them. For instance, once the project is implemented in the institution, it could help to divide staff, and improve their capability and competences each according to his/her major and abilities.

Our role in the project

Gulf of Sidra University is leading WP5 Dissemination and communication, GSU is responsible for dissemination and exploitation activities, including website and social media, digital and paper informative materials, relationships with media, publications, events, etc. moreover GSU as one of the beneficiaries of the project will be deeply involved in all Project Work packages.

our team

Jibriel Abusaleem

Director of International Office,
Project Manager & Researcher

Om Kalthoum Gaidan

Head of International Projects at ICO

Ahmed Ben Ghozzi

Researcher and academic staff member

Haniya Abu Khrais

Researcher and academic staff member

Misbah Ahwaas

Vice President