Higher Institute for Science and Technology Sabratha


About our organization

Institute for Science and Technology Sabratha was established in 1997. It is located in north-west of Libya (about 65 km distance from Tripoli). It is affiliated to Ministry of Vocational and Technical Education. The institute has 4 academic departments comprising a broad range of professional divisions. 36 academics with different scientific backgrounds and ranks work in the institute. 

About 3244 students have graduated from the institute. It has an international cooperation with many international education organizations such as CBS International Business School, Cologne University, DAAD and GIZ. The institute is a partner in a number of international projects, namely: GO Digital Libya and HGRA.


Why we are participating in the project

Legal immigration is one of the critical problems that have afflicted Libya and the MENA region in the recent years. It has become necessary to manage this issue so as to mitigate its serious impact on the world. Therefore, international education collaboration, through projects dealing with illegal immigration, can play a key role to tackle this phenomenon and contribute to present solutions for it.

From this point, HGRA project is important for us, as a Libyan education institute, because it helps us increase our official, academics and students’ knowledge of illegal immigration issues, enhance their skills of illegal immigration problems and raise the local authorities and communities’ awareness of such an issue.

Our role in the project

What is your organization contributing to the project? Which parts of the project is it contributing to? Please avoid project-speak. Explain your role to an external with no knowledge of the project.

our team

Hamza Muftah

International Relationship Officer

Osama Mohammed

Academic Staff

Khaled Omar

General Manager