Mediterranean Universities Union


About our organization

UNIMED is a network of more than 160 universities coming from more than 25 countries of both shores of the Mediterranean. Founded in 1991, it aims to promote the collaboration between Higher Education Institutions of the Mediterranean Region in order to enhance scientific, cultural, social and economic development of the region. UNIMED carries out a number of activities in favour of associated Universities, such as promoting the international dimension of universities; supporting fund-raising activities; encourage mobility for students, researchers and academic staff; providing technical assistance for quality assurance; creating thematic SubNetworks; organising events; training academic and administrative staff of Universities.


Why we are participating in the project

Migration is a challenge which involves every human being and every territory. UNIMED strongly believes in the importance of knowledge and cooperation to control and manage such an urgent and impactful global phenomenon.

The topic is particularly relevant in Libya, which plays a central role in migration flows in the Mediterranean. The academia must contribute, and in Libya there is a weak educational offer, trainings or research on the subject are practically non-existent.

UNIMED and HGRA aim to strengthen the awareness of the academic community on the medium-long term effects of the crisis and build the capacities of HEIs in structuring an adequate educational offer in this regard. Giving effective tools to younger generations for a fair and inclusive world is the reason why UNIMED participates.

Our role in the project

UNIMED is the coordinator of the project, which means being responsible for the smooth management of the activities and the achievement of valuable results within the schedule, in addition to the fruitful and constructive management of the partnership.

UNIMED deals with the financial and administrative management of the project, regularly reports project’s updates to EACEA, and monitors the quality of the project work and accomplishments.

To establish and maintain effective communication between project partners, work package leaders and other stakeholders falls within the UNIMED’s tasks, as well as to guide partners towards the fulfilment of the goals and the success of the project.

our team

Marcello Scalisi


Raniero Chelli

Project manager

Ludovica De Benedetti

Project officer

Orlando Luca

Financial Manager