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About our organization

The GESDI is a university centre for analysis and research specialized in different areas of Public Law, especially in those relating to Constitutional, Administrative and European Union Law. Beyond the specialization of its members, its ability resides in the collaboration with professors from other Universities, from different latitudes, to develop studies and produce reports that facilitate the resolution of existing problems and that, in general, favour the improvement of current legislation, from the principles of the democratic and social State of law.


Why we are participating in the project

Participation in this project is driven by essential considerations, both on national and global fronts. 

It encompasses the promotion of education, humanitarian assistance, and the nurturing of dialogue among disparate Libyan groups, thus fostering stability. Equally pivotal is the endeavour to advance democratic values, human rights, and good governance, particularly within Libya’s educational sphere in migration issues. Supporting democratic institutions and civil society aligns with the UN SDG, providing a compelling incentive for engagement. Ultimately, these multifaceted motivations underscore the project’s significance, serving as a catalyst for positive change in Libya and contributing to broader international goals of education, development, and human rights.

Our role in the project

The project is divided into 5 Work Packages (WP), the University of Barcelona is responsible for the third WP, encompassing two primary objectives. The first one is the Setup of the Libyan Policy Hub on Migration, with the goal of transmuting data and analyses derived from WP 2 into comprehensive

These reports will serve as the foundation for the formulation of policy recommendations addressing pivotal aspects of migration. The second objective is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and best practices in the area of migration management, which will be accomplished through the organization of three workshops.

our team

Dr. David Moya


Dr. Andrea Romano

Coordination Manager

Dr. Georgios Milios


Dr. Natalia Caicedo


Laura Salzano


Georgina Rodríguez