University of Zawia


About our organization

University of Zawia is a Libyan state university established in. It is a member in many communities such as Association of Arab Universities (AARU),
Association of African Universities (AAU) and the Federation of Universities of Islamic World. University of Zawia has 28. The university administration and its faculties are located 6 km south of Zawia city in an area of about 100 square hectares. The complex buildings are modern and aesthetic design from inside and outside. The total number of students is about (2800) The total teaching staff is (2800), The technicians and employees are (3800).


Why we are participating in the project

HGRA PROJECT is one of the most important projects that can help to deal with immigration phenomenon in our society. It opens big windows to teaching staff, alumni and students to see the issue from academic point of view.

Our role in the project

Our university’s role in the project is to collect data and creating a sort or networking between partners involved in the project. Such role is important to create strong communication between interested stakeholders to deal with the immigration phenomenon and exchange ideas related to this issue.

our team

Dr. Abdulbast Kriama

Director of the international cooperation office.

Dr. Hosein A. Elboiashi

Head of International Organization Department, ICO

Dr. Ali M. Tarmal

Head of Agreements & Academic Mobility Department. ICO

Ridha Ben Saleh

International project coordinator at ICO

Dr. Sami Issa

Head of Community Services Department at ICO

Emad Khalfalla

Head of EU unit at ICO